AQUAGOLD fine touch

AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ is a revolutionary and original microinjector that delivers a low dose of therapeutics into the skin using patented repeated motion microchannel injection technology. 

AQUAGOLD Fine Touch is a micro-channeling device that helps plump and rejuvenate skin. This procedure takes the classic micro-needling process a step further by simultaneously addressing common concerns like dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. AQUAGOLD Fine Touch is a glass vial topped with 20 hair-thin, gold needles used to seamlessly and painlessly deliver a customized blend of the vitamins, neuromodulators, and/or fillers to address your skins specific rejuvenation needs.

Unlike other micro-channeling or roller techniques, the entire AQUAGOLD Fine Touch process is completely painless. The device is uniquely designed so it will not create micro-tears in the skin or cause any bleeding. Additionally, there is no downtime following the procedure, so you can immediately continue with your daily activities. The AQUAGOLD Fine Touch device is also unique in that the individual unit isn’t reused from person to person. A new device is used on each person, making the entire process sterile and safe for every client. 


How does AquaGold work?
Using a vial containing the product of your choice, the AquaGold Fine Touch is a delivery method for skin care and anti-aging treatments that injects into shallow, consistent depths over a large surface area. Twenty needles at the tip of the applicator are only 0.6 mm long and 0.13 mm wide, which is finer than a strand of human hair.When the applicator tip is applied to the skin, micro-channels are created while the active ingredients inside are delivered directly into the skin.

Is AquaGold safe?
AquaGold is an FDA-registered direct dermal application device. The AquaGold Fine Touch delivery system is safe for most patients. The gold-plated surgical-grade stainless steel needles reduce the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions. Each AquaGold Fine Touch is single use and comes in a sterilized package.

Who can get AquaGold treatments?
If you have minor skin imperfections or very fine lines over a wide treatment area, AquaGold Fine Touch may be right for you. Contact us for a consultation to find out if this or another treatment is right for you. We're dedicated to finding the right treatment to address your unique skincare needs and goals.

What areas can be treated with AquaGold?
This procedure is most often used on the face, but it can be used on the neck, decolletage, and other areas.

Is the treatment painful? Will anesthesia be used?
AquaGold is a pain-free treatment. Topical anesthesia is often not necessary. We will periodically ask you about your comfort during the treatment. If you experience any pain or discomfort at any time during your procedure we will adjust to ensure you are more comfortable.

What are the potential side-effects of AquaGold?
Side-effects related to treatment are minimal; however, you may experience mild side effects related to the solution delivered via micro-channels. Different skin care solutions that can be placed into the vial vary and have different potential after-effects. Most are mild and subside within a few days. We will provide you with aftercare instruction to help you manage potential side-effects and improve your results.

For further information, visit the official website of AQUAGOLD.

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